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Find out the different features of few IDEs suitable to code JavaScript

1. Visual Studio Code

Using Workbox with Webpack to Generate Service Workers

The Workbox

  1. Command-line interface — Can be integrated into any application.
  2. Node.js module —Can use with any build tool such as gulp.
  3. Webpack plugin — Integrates with projects that use Webpack.

JavaScript performs implicit conversions between data types. Let’s find out how to avoid it.

Web Caching: How to avoid common pitfalls.

1. Improved Page Load Time and Responsiveness

There are many ways for JavaScript DOM traversal. Let’s find out how to traverse using parent, child, and sibling nodes.

  • getElementsByTagName()
  • getElementsByClassName()
  • getElementById()
  • querySelector()
  • querySelectorAll()

Get to know the benefits of using the BFF pattern in practice

In that case, the frontend needs to have some logic on its own to re-format these data. Having such logic in the frontend will use up more browser resources.

Get to know the features of Axios and how to use them in practice

  • Request and response interception
  • Make concurrent requests
  • Protection against XSRF
  • Transforming data
  • Support for upload progress
  • Response timeout
  • Ability to cancel requests

Request and response interception

A JavaScript API for dynamic image creation coupled with CSS

You can programmatically generate geometric images on the fly using the CSS Painting API.

Introduction to the CSS Painting API

Understand the important attributes of WebSockets that every developer should know

  • Multiplayer online games
  • Chat applications
  • Realtime updating social feeds
  • Live sports scoreboards, sports tickers, etc.

Get to know the applications of Iterators and Generators in JavaScript

Iterators improve efficiency by letting you consume a list of items, one at a time, similar to a stream…

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