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Get to know the benefits of using the BFF pattern in practice

In that case, the frontend needs to have some logic on its own to re-format these data. Having such logic in the frontend will use up more browser resources.

Test whether any characteristics of your application have changed.

Snapshot tests assert that the current output is same as the output before.

Tools that take snapshots of serializable data

Tools that take visual snapshots

How to Style Your React Native Application with Tailwind CSS

Using Tailwind CSS, you can style your applications without a single custom class name or a stylesheet.

1. Customized Packages for Better Integration

Should we use Thunk, Promises, or Sagas?

However, if you use Redux alone, you will feel a gap when using it for asynchronous operations.

Async Operations in Redux

How to Secure Your Web Applications Using Sub Resource Integrity (SRI)

What is Sub Resource Integrity (SRI)?

SRI is a security feature that allows browsers to check the resources they fetch. …

A guide to writing clean and readable React components

Have I been writing clean React components in a readable and performant manner?

The correct way of utilizing a backend-for-frontend

New to the BFF pattern?

Get to know 5 Auth Providers for React Native to get a head start with your Authentication flow

1. Using Auth0 — Leaders in Pluggable Auth Solution Space

These features will change the way you work with Material UI

1. Automatic color changes

Protecting against DOM XSS security vulnerabilities in JavaScript

DOM XSS attacks are where the hacker attack payloads are executed as a result of modifying the DOM environment in the browser.

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