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Get to know the benefits of using the BFF pattern in practice

In that case, the frontend needs to have some logic on its own to re-format these data. Having such logic in the frontend will use up more browser resources.

These features will change the way you work with Material UI

1. Automatic color changes

Protecting against DOM XSS security vulnerabilities in JavaScript

DOM XSS attacks are where the hacker attack payloads are executed as a result of modifying the DOM environment in the browser.

  • Setters for Element attributes that accept a URL of the code to…

Using Cypress in practice for combined test scenarios for improved productivity


Nowadays, we are also looking into different strategies to make test automation more productive.

What is end-to-end testing?

Building a robust eco-system to enforce code quality with JavaScript

WebHID, WebNFC, and WebUSB have opened up new avenues to interact with user’s device hardware for web apps.

1. What is WebHID?

These practices will help to secure your JavaScript execution

1. JavaScript Integrity Checks

Creating virtual reality experiences using JavaScript

How VR is Used in Devices Nowadays

Find out the different features of few IDEs suitable to code JavaScript

1. Visual Studio Code

Using Workbox with Webpack to Generate Service Workers

The Workbox

  1. Command-line interface — Can be integrated into any application.
  2. Node.js module —Can use with any build tool such as gulp.
  3. Webpack plugin — Integrates with projects that use Webpack.

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